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Training for young women who become pregnant during their time at school / high school.

When a young woman becomes pregnant, she is forced to interrupt their education and often mistreated by both her family and society.
The folk high school offers young women a two-year vocational course, accommodation and preschool for their children. schools actively working to strengthen their self-esteem and changing attitudes towards single parents in Tanzania.

The project is supported by individual colleges in Sweden and by Karibu Sweden.

Now plans to extend the project to three new schools, because unfortunately, the situation of the young mothers not improved in Tanzania.

Mama Course Project is a development project supported with funding from Forum Syd. Karibu Sweden collects 10% of the project budget of own contribution and 90 %from Forum Syd.

Projektet avslutades i juni 2015

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Karibu Sweden, together with its sister association Karibu Tanzania (KTA) completed a two-year training course at a distance for teachers at Folk Development College, FDC: s, Tanzania's response to college.

The training was developed by Tanzania Institute of Adult Education with the advice of, among others Linköping University and KTA. The idea of ​​education has come from the schools and KTA when you have seen the need to develop adult education at FDC. Course participants receive a diploma in adult education and the course has also included important development which work against HIV and AIDS, environmental issues, democracy and gender issues. The course also provides professional knowledge and improved ability in the labor market.

There are 55 FDC: s i Tanzania, across the country with the idea that rural people have access to education in their community. The schools offer vocational courses in areas such as agriculture, Sewing, electrical and carpentry. Several of the schools seems like cultural center, the library and offer people community information.

Late autumn 2012 is the first litter out and it starts a new one but now as regular course from the Ministry of Education open to all teachers in Tanzania. Karibu Sweden will continue to support teachers from FDC: s going rate.

Karibu Sweden / Tanzania can be proud to have implemented an aid projects and in a short time got it to be part of its regular program / budget.

Other key partners in the cooperation has been Tanzania Teacher's Union (TTU) and the Swedish Folk High School Teachers (SFHL).

Our commitment will now be transferred to a principal training revealed the need for. Scheduled to begin in January 2013.

The training program has been implemented with the support of Forum Syd, own contribution to 10 % We have put together with the help of members and teachers at colleges.

Projektet avslutades under 2014.

For continued support to the development of education in Tanzania, we gratefully accept contributions to the association's own contribution by bank 85 23 30-0.
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All contributions will go to the business.