What is a folk college?

There are 150 colleges in Sweden. 107 of these are linked to different social movements, nonprofits, foundations or associations. 43 colleges run by county councils and regions. Each college determines independently of its course offerings and its profile and is not tied to centrally determined curricula.


Folk high schools based on the students' needs, prior knowledge and experience. Something that distinguishes the folk high school is the call and the student's active participation in the group. Folk high schools strive to have less and cohesive study. Often it studying interdisciplinary in projects with both practical and theoretical elements.


Many colleges have a boarding where the participants can stay which gives a sense of community that makes folk high time for a unique experience. In meetings, talks and discussions during leisure time deepening the skills teaching gives.


Each college determines independently of the courses it organizes and which profile they have in their school. The popular movements, nonprofit organizations and counties or regions that have ownership of the school has great potential to make its mark on the activity. It is not tied to centrally determined curricula, but instead are working for their own business plans.