How to find a sister school

bild5Among the 55 folk high schools in Tanzania called FDC, there are already some thirty who has a partner school in Sweden. Some have been working together for many years and some have just started. In other words, there is a great experience to take part in if you want to start your own collaboration with a FDC in Tanzania.


Steps 1: We at Karibu Association will be happy to provide answers to all of your thoughts on what a vänskolesamarbete may mean. We have extensive experience of vänskolesamarbeten and can give you a first information about what might fit for your college.

Steps 2:You can also contact a college that already has an agreement to receive information, suggestions and knowledge on the positive, it means to have a partner school. But do not forget to take in the negative that can also be.

Steps 3:Remove any contact with a college near you. It can facilitate your work if you have a college in Sweden to work with when it comes vänskolesamarbete. Association Karibu can connect you with the appropriate Swedish school and provide answers to your questions about how to get started. We provide please contact appropriate FDCs in Tanzania.

Steps 4:If you have had any contact at a school in Tanzania, eg visit or trip, gather information about the school through its principal. Promise not too much before you have contacted Karibu.

For example, the school is far away with poor communication can be a reason to refrain because it can lead to complicated relations. Is there electricity at the school, or they have access to telephone / internet? How can we have contact?

Meanwhile, poor communication as a reason to work up a partnership, The school can really be in need of contacts with other colleges and the outside world. But important is to think about is what and how much work you are willing to spend on cooperation.

Steps 5:A vänskolesamarbete is a long project! There must be more than an enthusiast at the school for it to be a good partnership.

Steps 6: How will you finance your cooperation? Think through carefully, happy for a few years. Ideas on finansierin are collected at Karibu.

Steps 7:Why do you want a collaboration? What can it give you and what it can give you partner school?

Steps 8:Once you have decided to start cooperation, how do you make contact with the school? Do you already have a contact or do you want to Karibu will help you? FDC:s in Tanzania is so formal contact must go through the partner's principal!

Steps 9:Do not forget to become a member of the Society of Karibu.

Examples of vänskolesamarbete:

"Coast to Coast" is a collaboration between four colleges in western Sweden and four FDC on the east coast of Tanzania. and twinning, support each other when it feels heavy and collaborate on such visits schools in Tanzania. 2009 did the Swedish folk high schools jointly organized with visits to Sweden from their four twinning in Tanzania.


The four schools in Tanzania also working on the same way about vänskolesamarbetet as folk high schools in Sweden.


If any of the four high schools feel that they are unable to continue their vänskolesamarbete, or enthusiasts ends at school, experiencing high schools that it feels good to know that the other three schools will continue to have contact and also try to find a replacement.


They have worked together since 2001. . Schools in Tanzania should not be penalized for schools in Sweden can not continue.


Skolor i Coast to Coast:

Gothenburg fhsk - Arnatouglo FDC

Women's Folk High School - Kisarawe FDC

Löftadalens fhsk - Kilwa Masoko FDC

Wendelsbegs fhsk - Ikwiriri FDC


Good luck with your vänskolesamarbete!